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    May 11, 2021
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- DESCRIPTION - has 16 default skins, each of which has a different color or pattern. The skins are randomly selected by the system each time a player joins the server. Players can choose special skins that is a game related to snake. The player must control a small snake that grows longer and longer by eating colored balls that are scattered around. You must also always be on the lookout for other snakes because, like you, there are plenty of other snakes on the screen that want to eat all the balls.

Develop your skills, try to survive as much as possible and become the biggest worm. You start as a small worm and then get bigger by eating other worms that try to do the same. You must attack wisely, but defend skillfully. How long can you survive?

Use Mass Jet Boosters to attack quickly and defeat other worms as they attack you, no matter how small or large you are. Best to win.

Left or right joystick controller and mass eject buttons are fine-tuned for more precise maneuvering and more fun.

Game Features.

-Grow fast and rule the board with smooth gameplay

-No lag due to connectivity issues

-High precision gameplay with joystick controls

-Improved cpu and battery performance for all mobile devices

-Unique online real-time events and real-time leaderboards

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