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Where's My Water?

Where's My Water?

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    Android IOS
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    28 January 2021
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Little Naughty's story Little Naughty is a little crocodile who lives in the sewers of the city. He's a bit different from other crocodiles - he's curious, friendly and loves a good hot bath after a hard day's work. But there's something wrong with the plumbing, so the little crocodile needs your help to direct the water into his bath!

Ally's story Ally is the most whimsical crocodile in the whole sewer. Quirky and multi-talented, she is a little star. Now the crocodiles have invented a unique instrument powered by water vapour and can't wait to hear her play! Help Ally get the water vapour she needs to hear her play classic Disney tunes.

The Big Stubborn Story The Big Stubborn, truly the toughest of all crocodiles, has an appetite for almost everything from broken tyres to rotting fish bones, except green vegetables! Clean up the green algae around Big Bad's plate with purple dirty water so he can enjoy his 'meal'.

Mystery Duck

In this special chapter, you'll have to catch this magical, teleporting mystery duck, and just a hint - timing is everything! You'll find lots of surprises, including the biggest duck ever, a giant duck and cute little ducklings!

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