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Toca Life World

Toca Life World

  • Platform:

    Android IOS
  • Version:

  • Updated:

    August 27, 2021
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  • Developer:

    Toca Boca AB



Toca Life World is a new application where you can create your own world and perform any story you like. This is a super application that brings together all Toca Life series applications (City, Vacation, Office, Hospital, etc.) in the same space. That's right. Now everything is connected in a huge game world.

If you find it interesting to explore the Toca Life app, you can do whatever you want, such as making a crazy hairstyle for grandma, throwing things in the toilet or just hanging out with friends-you can hold your breath and expect. In Toca Life: World, you can continue to advance by creating stories with your favorite characters in your favorite places. Want to take your pet to school? Do it boldly. Take the sloth to the skating park? Do not hesitate. Take the doctor to the salon and dye her green hair? of course can. In Toca Life: World, you are the biggest player and you can write stories while playing.

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