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Dude Theft Wars: Online FPS Sandbox Simulator BETA

Dude Theft Wars: Online FPS Sandbox Simulator BETA

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    April 1, 2021
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    Poxel Studios Games



Are you ready to get a taste of freedom while you do everything you want in a game? Do you want to go on an exploration like no other while you also experience all kinds of things in a physics-based ragdoll game? In Dude Theft Wars, you have the freedom to explore Mafia City while you play offline! It’s one of the best sandbox games, where the possibilities are endless. Here, you can drive cars and fly a plane. Follow the immersive storyline offline while you complete missions and go on a shooting spree with the other dudes. So, if you’re looking for a game that offers freedom and fun, get Dude Theft Wars now.

Go On An Exciting Journey with the Dudes

Dude Theft Wars is an action and simulation game by Poxel Studios Games where you have the freedom to go and explore Mafia City. You can do everything you want in this place such as play mini-games, help the other dudes, dance with them, or troll them by throwing grenades.

You can go on an exciting police chase and increase your “Wanted” level by shooting at them. The more you do crimes, the bigger the backup they call. If you get caught, you can just pay the fine and continue with your life! Dude Theft Wars is an offline game you can enjoy without the internet. But you can also play the game online if you want to explore new maps.

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