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Angry Birds 2

Angry Birds 2

  • Platform:

    Android IOS
  • Version:

  • Updated:

    23 July 2021
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  • Developer:

    Rovio Entertainment Corporation



Angry Birds! Birds 2, the reimagining of the biggest mobile game ever, Angry Birds, will once again take the world of slingshot games by storm with its superb graphics, challenging multi-stage levels, cunning boss-level pigs and stronger, more deadly power-ups!

A new bird, Silver, has been introduced! The Silver Bird is a powerful force that spins through the air and then drops vertically, especially against pigs that hide inside buildings. Instead of a fixed order of birds, players can randomly select birds to attack, allowing them to achieve different attack strategies. Fill up the damage meter and you get extra birds!

Angry Birds 2 takes full advantage of the 3D engine, incorporating dynamic scenes of trees and flowers, wind, clouds, thunder and lightning, special lighting and shadows. Never before have such stunning scenes been seen on Porky's Island, allowing players to experience an immersive feeling. New blizzards, chillies, golden ducks and other cool magic to help you fight the pigs!

This time, the pigs are not the same as in the previous game, there are some tough characters from Piggy Island, the foreman pig, the chef pig and the infamous king pig, who will do anything to get your eggs for themselves. The various random levels not only include multi-stage battle modes, but are also full of unknown traps and traps, so use the map to blast your way to defeat the boss pigs!

Show off your achievements in the Arena and compete with players from all over the world to see who is the most powerful player in the world. There are new tournaments to play every day and you'll be rewarded with feathers based on your ranking, not only to level up your birds, but also to add a tail dragging effect to them!

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