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Goat Simulator

Goat Simulator

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    Android IOS
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  • Updated:

    26 April 2021
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  • Developer:

    Coffee Stain Publishing



Goat Simulator Free is the new goat simulation technology, bringing you a new generation of goat simulation. You don't have to imagine being a simulated goat anymore, your dream has come true!

In Goat Simulator Free, all you have to do is simulate a goat and cause as much damage as possible. It's like an old-school skiing game, but instead of skiers you play as a goat and instead of stunts you have to wreak havoc. As for the goats, even the sky is not a limit for them, as you may interrupt it and crash the game.

Game features

- You can become a goat

- Destroy things and earn points for it - brag to your friends that you're the best goat ever!

- Countless glitches! We'll only remove dead glitches, anything other than that is hilarious and we'll keep it

- The ever-so-fashionable in-game physics

- Look hard at the neck of the goat

- You can be a goat

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