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Block Puzzle - Brain Test Game
Block Puzzle - Brain Test Game




Block Puzzle - Brain Test Game



Block Puzzle is a great combination of Sudoku and Block Puzzle game. It's a simple but challenging free block puzzle that you won't be able to put aside!

Block Puzzle Game Features.

9x9 wooden board. Move multidimensional data sets on a 9x9 grid that all Sudoku fans should be familiar with to build lines and squares.

Blocks of various shapes. Strategically stack Sudoku blocks made up of Sudoku boards on top of each other to destroy them and keep the boards clean.

Complete daily challenges and earn unique trophies.

Color Theme. You can choose between a minimalist cube game or a classic wooden puzzle game.

Challenging objectives. Never stop testing IQ and challenge yourself - try to beat your own high score or compete with friends.

Combine. Master the block puzzle game by destroying multiple tiles by moving just one step.

Winning Streak. Get more points by destroying elements in several consecutive steps.

Unique mechanics. The creation of block puzzles is an incredibly successful mix of Sudoku and IQ blocks.

Addictive game. Play the classic block game anytime you get bored or want to train your brain.

Cube Puzzle features.

Beautifully simple, no stress, no time limit

Visually stunning graphics and amazing soundtrack

Easy to pick up, but difficult and challenging to master

Perfect for amusing games and short time perfection

Create the perfect strategy, endless obstacles and keep your lines clear


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