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Granny 3

Granny 3

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    September 20, 2021
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You have been kidnapped and imprisoned in a house that you need to escape from within 5 days. The house is full of traps and puzzles that you need to solve in order to escape. The old lady is still a person who can hear almost everything and will instantly rush in the direction of the sound. Grandpa still has a hard time hearing things. Of course, there is their granddaughter Slendrina. she is a very difficult character to deal with in Granny 3. This is because she doesn't react to sounds or actions like the other two. She's a character who appears from time to time, which means you really don't know when she's going to show up. She also has a killer gaze that makes it harder for you to escape the house. You can still hide from her under the bed, on the couch or in the closet. But because you never know when she's going to show up, it's hard to really prepare for her. This is an exciting and scary horror game that you will surely enjoy playing. Despite the intimidating nature of the game, you will still find yourself playing for hours trying to find a way to escape.

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