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Resident Evil Village
Resident Evil Village
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ABOUT Resident Evil Village


Resident Evil series believe that we are not unfamiliar with it, as a deep horror adventure video game, has been updated to many generations, as in the last year even won the Golden Joystick Award, Game Awards, Steam Awards three awards game, today brings you these columns new masterpiece, Resident Evil Village.

The general plot of the game

Resident Evil Village's plot follows the previous one, some of the plot in Resident Evil 7 seems to be some abrupt in Resident Evil Village in the reorganization and explanation, such as the document mentioned Umbrella, BSAA, Chris's appearance and other elements of the series. The game first in Miranda room, in addition to explain Miranda a with "Resident Evil 7" criminal organization "Alliance" has a relationship, but also appeared in the Umbrella Corporation founder Oswald Spencer's letter. Through the contents of the letter can be known mold is a kind of "Resident Evil 5" Africa "originator virus" more terrible virus existence, although Resident Evil 7 in the BOSS Evelyn is a failure and was eliminated, but Miranda through a channel to get Ethan and Mia's daughter Rose is their own search for years of the perfect host, so she took the opportunity to sneak into Ethan's home, secretly imprisoned Mia and use She took the opportunity to infiltrate Ethan's home, secretly imprisoned Mia and disguised herself as Mia to infiltrate Ethan's side in an attempt to adapt Rose to revive her daughter. The New Blue Embraer organization discovered Miranda's intentions and sent Chris's team to break into Ethan's home and take Rose away, as well as knocking out and taking Ethan away. But on the way to a car accident, and Miranda took the opportunity to escape from Ethan's home and took Rose, which led to the plot of Resident Evil 8.

Knowing the truth, Chris began to search for Miranda in the village, and Ethan embarked on a new adventure in order to find his daughter.

How to play

Game system comprehensive introduction

Resident Evil VIII this time compared to Resident Evil VII the biggest change is the store system and backpack system. If you have played Resident Evil IV players, certainly very familiar with the two systems this time. The first is the backpack system, it can be said to be a complete inheritance of Resident Evil IV, the opening of the game has a forty-plus-grid oversized backpack and players can rearrange the items in the backpack. Finally, it's not a grid crisis. But relatively this time also canceled the sub box, the player can only carry all the items on his body this time.

Then there is the store system this time, players will meet a merchant named Duke in the early stages. And it will appear in every scene. The store is divided into four sections. They are the supply store, the purchase house, the gun workshop and the cooking. The supply store is to buy some weapon accessories, firearms and medicine, and bullets through currency. The buying house is to sell some of your unwanted items and some treasures collected from fighting monsters or treasure chests in exchange for currency. The gun workshop is to upgrade your firearms in four areas: power, rate of fire, reloading speed, and magazine capacity. All cost currency.

Then there is Resident Evil IV inside the cooking, which is the first time Resident Evil appeared cooking. In the middle of the game, the player will return to the Duke to appear cooking this option. Players can kill pigs, chickens, deer and other animals to get meat, these things can be made into dishes, different dishes will provide players with different buffs, and is permanent, similar to the cholesterol in Resident Evil VII. The currency in the game can be obtained by fighting monsters, searching and selling items.




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