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Trivia Crack
Trivia Crack
  • etermax
  • Android IOS
  • July 26, 2021
  • 138M

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ABOUT Trivia Crack


Ancient Egyptians loved cats, Metallica didn't play the Super Bowl, and the Ganges is the largest river in India - all our useless knowledge now comes in handy thanks to Trivia Crack. This bite-sized trivia game is completely irresistible, whether we're dominating our Facebook friends in Classic mode, beating strangers in 12-question Challenge mode, or just diving into the game on our Apple Watch. With its adorable characters, tons of unlockable achievements, and a huge variety of questions, we simply can't get enough.

Have fun challenging your friends and enemies in the hottest trivia game ever!

Let our friendly Wheel of Willie choose the questions you want to answer from six different categories. Be the first to win all six, but watch out for the rematch!

Reasons why you should play Trivia Crack right away.

- Thousands of exciting questions

- You can create your own questions in the factory -

More than 20 game languages -

play with your opponents

Chat - Collect cards

Need more? No problem: -

Prove how smart you are -

Learn new things while having fun

- Make your mom proud

So what are you waiting for? Let's go! Download the game!

How to play

The game requires email registration or Facebook direct login, the interface is very simple after entering the game, you will see two game modes, the first new game mode, the game needs to consume a little life value, life value is the top left corner of the interface where the red heart, the initial only 3 life value, the recovery time of each red heart takes an hour, quite long. The second is the brain duel mode, this mode requires the consumption of coins, and friends or random question and answer confrontation, winning can win coins, losing the coins consumed will not return.

Enter the new game mode, where you can choose your own language, and there are two modes for you to choose from: classic and challenge game mode, against players you can choose your own friends or randomly match. We first enter the classic mode, you will find a colorful carousel below, the six symbols in the carousel represent different categories of topics, click to rotate the middle arrow pointing to the location is the type of questions you need to answer, the type involves a wide range, there are six kinds of science, sports, art, entertainment, history, geography.

 Answer the question you will find three props below, if you do not encounter the problem, these props you can help you answer the question more smoothly. The first kind of bomb prop needs to consume 6 gold coins, it will remove two wrong answers, leaving one wrong one correct answer, so that if you have to guess, the correct rate will also go to 50%... The second prop chance consumes 3 coins, as the name implies you will get a chance to answer again after answering wrongly, but use this prop before answering the question. The third prop skips consuming 5 coins, which allows you to directly change the topic. Use props in the right situation is a good choice, after all, answer wrong this mode will fail, consume a life value you have to wait 1 hour ah!


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