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AFK Arena
AFK Arena
  • LilithGames
  • Android IOS
  • 26 July 2021
  • 98M

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Swords & Expeditions is a light-hearted yet strategic mobile game set in a Western fantasy setting. In the game, players can collect heroes of the seven races, upgrade their levels and ranks, build a team of heroes of their own, and use strategic settings such as hero bonds, racial restraints, formation settings and skill combinations to try out various combinations of formations to challenge various copies. The unique placement gameplay of Sword & Expedition allows players to play without having to clock in and out, and its heroes can play uninterruptedly to lay down large amounts of gold and equipment to help their master's epic quest. Together with players from all over the world, players will embark on a fantastical journey to seize the artifacts created by the ancient gods from the hands of the demon knights and fight against the evil enemies who want to destroy the continent of Isomia.

Game Features

-Epic quality hero cards

Inspired by Celtic mythology, the heroes look like illustrations from an epic book! The cards are decorated with race-specific details, so you'll want to get your hands on every one!

Zero-action casual gameplay

Too much work, too much studying, just want to take a break from playing games? AFK Arena doesn't require subtle manipulation, heroes' skills are released automatically and resources can be harvested by hanging around. You can experience this epic journey of magic in just ten minutes a day.

-Labyrinths and treasure hunting at any time

A maze with Rogue-like elements and a reward-packed copy of Time's Peak, available whenever you want to play, never for a limited time! No need to mechanically clock in and out to complete quests... Placement games should be played casually!

-Challenge the global pinnacle arena

Form alliances with friends from all over the world to challenge guild bosses, and the new AFK Arena, where all players can form heroic teams and compete for the AFK Arena World Cup!

-Strategy Battle

A seemingly simple five-player hero team can be matched with a myriad of strategic gameplay! Hero bonds, racial restraints, formation settings, skill combinations ...... are all at your fingertips to win!

How to play

1. Push Level Play

By defeating the elite monsters at the bottom of the level, players earn rich rewards and move on to the next level. The main level has 34 chapters, each with unlimited levels and increasing difficulty in sequence. The first time you pass a level, you will be rewarded with one-time gold, props and equipment, and increased hang-up gains.

2. Team hunting

Players in the guild can hunt rare monsters with other members of the guild to gain rewards such as diamonds, equipment and guild coins.

3. Tower of the Throne

Players can challenge the enemies on the current level for rewards, and then climb up one level to challenge more powerful enemies and win even more rewards.

4. Otherworldly Labyrinth

Players can choose different forks in the maze, trigger different events, challenge different enemies and gain mysterious treasures.

5. Arena

Players can match up with other players of similar strength in the arena and earn points for defeating them.

6. Bounty Board

Players can send heroes who meet the system's requirements to complete bounty quests in the bounty bar to receive bounty rewards. 




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