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My Talking Tom 2
My Talking Tom 2
  • Outfit7 Limited
  • Android IOS
  • October 13, 2021
  • 129M

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ABOUT My Talking Tom 2


Tom is back, and with him comes a whole new adventure! Tom is your pet cat who reacts to your touch and repeats your words in full in a funny voice. Because Tom is an international celebrity, he has moved out of the alley and into a beautiful flat but all is not well with Tom and his neighbours, Ben, often tease him.

Tom's most popular feature is his mimicry. Talk to him and he will repeat himself in his strange voice. For all those who own this game software, it is full of surprises to have Tom learn to say something funny and then share the video and voice with friends and family, such as holiday greetings and birthday wishes.

Since little Tom makes you so happy, you should also be kind to him by feeding him milk, petting him and talking to him regularly according to the instructions on the software, so that he can grow up nice and healthy again.

How to play

The talking tomcat can also stay with us as a pet, feeding it on time and keeping it fit. To ensure that the tomcat plays well with us up. The Talking Tom Cat is so popular that our Tom Cat has become an international star, and both those who have played and those who have not, know the Talking Tom Cat.

So after a long period of "further study", how does Talking Tom Cat 2 work? What new surprises will Talking Tom Cat 2 bring us? Here's a summary of the gameplay of Talking Tom Cat 2. Let's take a look.

1. Speak to Tom and he will repeat himself word for word in his funny voice, plus if you are speaking a local language, Tom will repeat it in the way he pronounces it.

2. When stroked slowly on the head or belly, Tom will rock his front legs back and forth and purr. This is the sound that real cats make when they feel comfortable, have you noticed?

3. Users touch Tom's head, tummy and feet with their hands and Tom Cat will make an ouch sound.

4. Real cats are not allowed to pull their tails, but Tom Cat's can, and users can pull or touch Tom Cat's tail.

5. In the interface of the game you can also see a fart button, watching Ben fart, Tom will show a very disgusted feeling, and very consciously cover his nose, when Tom is repeating the user's words, his nose is closed.

6. The game interface you will look at a big bag button, press it, then Ben will blow the bag up very much, which will scare the tom cat, and at the same time the tom cat's funny action will make you laugh.

7. In Talking Tom Cat 2 if you see a telephone button, press it, then what you hear is the Talking Tom Cat 2 and the original Talking Tom Cat conversation game, Tom will repeat his words.

8. The badminton button on the game interface serves to make the scene where Ben takes a pillow and hits Tom.

9. In the top left corner of the game interface the user will see something that looks a lot like a camera. Turn it on and you can record the entire talking Tom Cat's real game and sync it to the internet.


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