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Farm Heroes Saga
Farm Heroes Saga
  • King
  • Android IOS
  • 17 July 2014
  • 67.2MB

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ABOUT Farm Heroes Saga


Raccoons are trying to destroy precious farmland, stealing as many ancient tombs as they can along the way. Team up with the farm hero and help collect crops to save the day! Play through hundreds of puzzle-solving levels by switching between farms, matching and collecting crops!

Match 3 or more critters to collect them and plan your moves for bigger and better matches to achieve that all-important high score! Explore farm adventures in a variety of game modes and puzzles, including the Battle of Boss Rancid!

Hero Farm Saga has a wealth of boosters and enhancements to help you along the way! When you've got a spare minute, make the most of Heroes mode, which gives you extra points to make those big matches even more worthwhile!

Farm Heroes Saga features.

● Collect a variety of crops to win levels before you run out of tricks.

● Easily play 3 matches.

●Hero mode: earn extra points when you have extra moves!

●Play levels and earn magic beans to help you activate Farm Club

●Reach the stars in the tractor dash and challenge friends to collect stars for rewards

● Rechargeable boosters, special power-ups and Farm Club animals to help you win those challenging levels

●Simple to play, but challenging to master

● Acres of levels and puzzles to complete - more added every 2 weeks!

Take on this epic saga alone, or play with a friend and see who gets the highest score!

How to play

Farm Heroes Saga is a crop-themed triple-play game and is played in a turn-by-turn fashion, and after every fifteen levels it even lets you invite Facebook friends to unlock longer trips. The game has a maximum of five lives, with one life consumed for each play. When a life goes to zero you can buy it with gold bars or ask a friend for a life. A life is gained every 30 minutes. There are two types of currency: magic beans and gold bars. Magic beans are given as a number of stars each time you pass a level. Gold Bars can be purchased with Gold Bars. Gold Bars can be obtained by storing value and can be used to purchase various items such as props and lives.

There are many small items to help you get through the game, most of which must be purchased with gold bars. Some items, such as the shovel, are given away for free every so often.

Once you have completed all the levels in each chapter area, you can complete three unlocked levels to open the next chapter area, but you must wait 72 hours for each completed level before you can play the next unlocked level.


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