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Ultimate Custom Night
Ultimate Custom Night
  • Clickteam USA LLC
  • Android IOS
  • 16 May 2020
  • 151M

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ABOUT Ultimate Custom Night


Welcome to the ultimate FNaF mash-up, where you'll once again be trapped in an office, resisting killer electronic animation! With a total of 50 optional animated characters across seven 'Five Nights' in Freddy's game, the customisation options are almost endless. Mix and match any character you like, set the difficulty to 0-20 and jump straight into the action! You'll need to manage two side doors on your desk, two ventilation holes and two air hoses, all of which lead directly into your office.

This time, if you want to complete the final challenge, you will also have to get hold of other tools such as heaters, air conditioners, global music boxes, generators and so on. As if that wasn't enough, you'll also need to set laser traps in the vents, collect fazzy coins, buy items from the trophy counter and, as always, keep a close eye on one, not both, of the Pirate's Cove curtains!

Other features include.

-Challenge menu including sixteen themed challenges

-From returning favourites and from newcomers to sound agents for the franchise

-Unlockable office skins

-Unlockable overworld animations

How to play

The game features 50 mechanical dolls from each of the series, and players can set which dolls to include and adjust the difficulty level of each. The game also offers a number of challenges and allows players to use props to play. Players will need to operate doors, surveillance systems and vents, while keeping an eye on the temperature, noise, electricity and plumbing around them. Players can also choose to activate music boxes, generators, air conditioners, etc. as appropriate.

Each character has a different attack style, so players must defend themselves in the appropriate way. In addition, a character named "Dee Dee" will randomly join other characters during the night to increase the difficulty of the night[. Players can adjust their difficulty to achieve high scores, and a specific score will unlock transitions, mostly in the anime genre.




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