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Slice It All
Slice It All
  • Android IOS
  • July 22, 2021
  • 63M

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ABOUT Slice It All


Now we've found a better way to release stress in a 3D arcade game called Slice It All. You control a knife to slice vegetables, fruits and other foods. As you tap the screen, the knife spins through the sky. Try to avoid falling into the water and reach the final platform of each level! Slice it all!

Tap to flip the knife and cut through amazing obstacles in the most fun way!

Cut or slice everything and become a master slicer!

How to play

Slice and dice anything in front of you with just a tap on the screen. Earn money for everything you slice. Place your knife in one of the multiplier boxes at the end of the level and you'll have the chance to earn more. And that's it. That's what the game is all about.

You might think that the money you earn is at least spent on skins or new knives to give the game some sort of replay value, but you'd be wrong. You want something with replay value! What the hell were you thinking!

If you want to change knives in your slices you need to keep the knife in the air, and for that you need to keep tapping. One tap is a turn, and you need to balance movement with cutting. You can use the knife handle to move it backwards, bounce it off the obstacles to flip it backwards and slice them up


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