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Hair Challenge
Hair Challenge
  • Rollic Games
  • Android IOS
  • July 23, 2021
  • 113M

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ABOUT Hair Challenge


Are you ready for a massive hair challenge?

It's an adventure and you have a majestic head of hair that's super long! This popular hair racer game is perfect for you!

Do you hate bad haircuts? So do we! Especially in this super fun hair challenge game!

Pick up braids of any hair color on the runway. Watch out for scissors, blades and all other sharp obstacles to prevent your gorgeous hair from being cut off!

Don't you like your hair color? Or do you need a makeover? No problem, because this is the runway of a hair salon. Put on your heels, color yourself with colorful hair dye, and start running across the roof!

Damn! Did you get your hair cut? Don't worry, the store's hair salon is waiting for you! Head to the salon and choose any fabulous character, hair dye and hair accessories to unlock and start your dazzling walking game.

Forget all other top free games and hit games! This is the best hair racer game, challenging, but super fun! So join the community and play Hair Challenge now!

How to play

Hair Challenge takes female characters as the selling point and incorporates the theme of Rapunzel into the game, setting the in-level nurturing on the princess's hair, helping her to continuously promote the growth of her hair, facing various gears, traps and other obstacles, breaking through the many difficulties, and using the length of her hair at the end as the final criterion for earning points. As more and more level parkour games are involved, there has been a wave of various shapes of characters as a selling point, a variety of odd levels within the development as a feature, through the colorful design of the obstacles, and the bottom of the level of the points calculation based on the level parkour game mode, and has a growing trend.

The gameplay is fun and simple, that is to control Rapunzel in avoiding various traps at the same time, as much as possible to collect the same color hair, so that the length of the hair gradually become longer, and finally at the end of the level to get a higher multiplier points. In addition to collecting hair, players also need to pay attention to avoid the powerful gears in the level, to prevent a hair is cut off by it, thus reducing the number of points obtained. In addition to the usual road collection, the level also provides a fantastic


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