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Plague Inc
Plague Inc
  • $0.99
  • Android IOS
  • October 13, 2018
  • 52.2MB

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ABOUT Plague Inc


Will you infect the world? The Plague Company is a unique combination of high strategy and realistic simulation. Your pathogen has just been infected with "Patient Zero". Now, you must end human history by developing a deadly global plague while adapting to what humanity has done to defend itself. Plague Inc., developer Ndemic Creations, has executed innovative games brilliantly and is completely built for touch screens, constantly developing strategic genres and pushing mobile games (and you) to new heights. It is you and the world-only the strongest can survive!

How to play

From crazy conspiracy theories to the chaos of election campaigns, we now live in an afterthought world, where false and misinformation can spread like diseases.

We have designed a completely different scenario that allows you to create your own fake news stories and use this to deceive the world.

Choose your type of error message, determine your motivation, then choose who initiated it and who is to blame, and then use a variety of modern tools and psychological skills to spread!


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