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Mini Metro
Mini Metro
  • Dinosaur Polo Club
  • Android IOS
  • April 20, 2021
  • 100MB

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ABOUT Mini Metro


Mini Metro, is a puzzle strategy game developed by the independent development team Dinosaur Polo Club. Players need to build an efficient rail network for a fast-growing city, linking stations of different shapes with tracks represented by straight lines. Each level is based on a modern city, but the railroads and passengers are procedurally generated. The game uses bold colors and simple geometric shapes to visually replicate a modern subway roadmap; it also generates a different soundtrack based on player actions and the railroad network, with rhythms and sound effects that have shades of minimalist music.

Mini Metro is a game about designing subway maps for an evolving city. Draw lines between stations and start running your trains. As new stations open, redraw the lines to stay efficient. Decide where to use your limited resources. How long can you keep the city?

- Random city growth means each game is unique.

- 20 real-world cities will test your planning skills.

- Multiple upgrades that allow you to customize your network.

- Normal mode for fast scoring games, endless relaxation, or extreme challenge mode.

- Compete against the world every day in daily challenges.

- Colorblind and night modes.

- Responsive soundtrack created by your metro system, designed by Disasterpeace.

How to play

Players need to choose the map of the tour before the game; as of February 2021, the game provides London Metro, Paris Metro, New York Metro, Chicago Metro, Berlin Metro, Melbourne Metro, Hong Kong MTR, Barcelona Metro, Osaka Metro, Stockholm Metro, St. Petersburg Metro, Montreal Metro, San Francisco Metro, São Paulo Metro, Seoul Metro, San Diego Metro, Washington Metro Singapore metro, Cairo metro, Istanbul metro, Shanghai metro, Guangzhou metro, Chongqing metro, Mumbai metro, Lagos metro and Auckland metro maps, each map shows the real city in plane. Each level opens with three stations, with stations of varying shapes appearing later. Players need to construct railroad routes by connecting stations with straight lines, each route represented by a different color. Each passenger that appears at a station has a different shape, and these shapes represent the station they intend to travel to. Rivers, intersecting subway lines, and an increasing number of stations and passengers would make the rail system increasingly complex to manage. Normal shaped stations will transform into rare shapes in later stages. The game is drawn in a minimalist style, using straight lines and bright colors to replicate modern railroad maps.

In Normal Mode, each station has a limited passenger capacity, and overcrowding and reaching a threshold will end the game [3], but players can then choose to continue building the network in Endless Mode, where There is no limit on station throughput. At the end of each week of the game, players will receive upgrades to relieve the pressure caused by the increase in the rail network, including new trains, new lines, new tunnels, new cars, or new interchanges (which increase throughput and eliminate waiting time for passengers to board and alight), but there is only one of each. Running trains can be paused at any time to allow players to rebuild or adjust routes, but once set in "Extreme Mode" (Extreme Mode), routes cannot be changed.

In 2018, the game added "Creative Mode" (Creative Mode), which displays the map in a grid, providing an unlimited number of stations, trains, cars, tunnels or interchanges for players to freely design the railroad network.


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