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The Room
The Room
  • Fireproof Games
  • Android IOS
  • April 26, 2021
  • 291.7 MB

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ABOUT The Room


The Room is a 2012 puzzle game developed and published by the British game company Fireproof Games. In this game, the player has to unlock a series of strange boxes with mechanisms. The player needs to unlock the box and complete multiple puzzles on the box in order to open it and remove another box inside. This game has a number of animations, including looking around the box, turning the key, and activating switches. As the game progresses, players will gradually discover that the box is related to the fifth of Plato's five-element hypothesis of three dimensions, the orthododecahedron.

Years after its debut, The Room remains one of the most engaging puzzle games we've ever played. Use the ingenious and intuitive controls to manipulate a series of nested boxes and unlock the secrets inside. Breathtaking sights and eerie sounds weave an irresistible atmosphere of suspense as each switch and decryption code reveals yet another intricate mystery. What's even more amazing about this debut from Fireproof Games is that The Room beautifully blurs the line between entertainment and artistry.

How to play

The Room is a 3D game. This game contains a total of 4 levels, and in each level the player needs to unlock a strange box. The first level is the tutorial level in which the player is able to complete the level with the guidance of the game. The player has a list of items which lists the items that the player gets. The key element of this game is the special lens. In the game, the special lens allows the player to see the hidden parts of the box, such as the symbols engraved on the box. The player can use the special lens at any time. Some of the puzzles on the box can only be completed when the special lens is used. The objective of the game is to open the box in order to retrieve the other box inside.


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