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My Story - Mansion Makeover
My Story - Mansion Makeover
  • ZenLife Games Pte. Ltd.
  • Android IOS
  • September 29, 2021
  • 214M

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ABOUT My Story - Mansion Makeover


Welcome to My Story - Mansion Makeover, where all your dreams come true! Embark on an exciting adventure and protect your mansion and kitty from being taken away by villains. Renovate it like you own it, simply by popping blocks and solving challenging blast puzzles!

If you ever dreamed of having a mansion of your own, now’s your chance! Don’t miss it and download My Story - Mansion Makeover. Move into your mansion in the town of Oakmay with tons of rooms, gardens, swimming pools, playgrounds, and even a helipad! Everything you can imagine you’d find in a mansion, we got it here in My Story - Mansion Makeover!

Why download My Story - Mansion Makeover?

• Tap & Pop & Blast! Instant fun!

• Challenging creative blast puzzles to surprise you!

• Realistic mansion and character design to feel more engaging!

• Design, decorate, unlock new rooms, plenty of house areas to renovate, never get bored!

• Full of possibilities to create a unique mansion! Choose your furniture to decorate your mansion as you would if it were real!

Blast your way through addictive tap matching puzzles:

• Tons of delicately designed blast puzzles full of creativity!

• Powerful boosters make the challenge even more enjoyable and fun!

How to play

Be the house design master you always wanted to be:

• All mansion makeover needs is a brilliant mind of a talented designer like you!

• Decorate the library, kitchen, garden, tennis court, swimming pool and many more house areas to come!

• Renovate your manor to make it the best manor in town!

Live a captivating story full of vivid characters:

• Your adventure starts by inheriting a mansion. Will things go as smoothly as expected?

• From warm-hearted neighbors and old friends to greedy businessmen, interact with everyone and experience both the happy and bitter moments of life.

It’s time to use your talents for house designing, make some magic happen with the makeover of your mansion, and turn your manor into something breathtaking again! Design, decorate, unlock new rooms, renovate the house until it becomes your home sweet home!

Amazing matching puzzles and a fun-tastic mansion await you! Download now for FREE!




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