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Dead Cells
Dead Cells
  • Playdigious
  • Android IOS
  • May 17, 2021
  • 900MB

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ABOUT Dead Cells


This is a game that combines elements of Roguelike and class Galaxy Warrior Castlevania.

Death is not the end.

Play a failed alchemy experiment and explore this ever-changing castle to discover what's happening on this shadowy island ......!

That is, assuming you can outmaneuver your own guardian.

Dead Cells is rogue demonic action platformer that requires you to use a variety of weapons and skills to take on ruthless minions and superiors in frantic 2D battles.

Kill. Die. Learn. Repeat.

First available on PC and consoles, the independently released Dead Cells is now making a splash for mobile devices!

Key Features

-Roguervania: Constantly explore an interconnected world with the replayability of a rogue elite and the threat of adrenaline to permanent hemophilia

-Crazy and dynamic 2D action: Learn the survival mode of your enemies before you say "baguette" or prepare to send them back to your cell

-Non-linear progression: unlock new levels with each death and choose the path that suits your current version, your style of play or your mood.

Surely the walls won't be as bad as the sewers, right?

-Play at your own pace: will you explore every corner of the castle, or will you rush to the end?

Take a break from the frenzy of the castle and wander through some luxurious landscapes with The Bad Seed DLC.


New realms: The not-so-peaceful, crumbling botanical gardens and the harmful Morash of the banished -New monsters in disrepair: Meet the locals, such as Jerkshroom and Yeeter

-New weapons to use: trim the outstretched heads with scythe claws or make them dance to the rhythmic Bouzouki sound

-New bosses to contend with: Mother Tick is eager to meet you

Carefully redesigned for mobile devices and refurbished interface

-Two game modes available: original and auto-hit

-Custom controls and more touch control options available: change the position and size of the buttons to your liking, swipe to dodge...

How to play

The game puts you in the role of a corpse parasitized by unknown cells, exploring the dungeon and finding a way out. The dungeon is full of various weapons and equipment, props and other collection elements, but also pay attention to the threat of traps and necromorphs. Players also need to collect "cells" in exchange for character ability and weapon upgrades. Each death will lose all the cells and equipment, and start again from the original level, in addition to the map is randomly generated.

The permanent death mechanism, as well as the non-linear levels of the class Galaxy Warrior Castlevania, character growth and other elements. Players operate a corpse that was formerly a dungeon prisoner, and this corpse is parasitized by a cloud of cells to start the action. The game map is divided into several large dungeon levels, in the process of exploration to defeat monsters, collect weapons and equipment, money and "cells". These cells are mainly obtained by killing enemies and are used as a currency to exchange with NPCs for new abilities or equipment, such as increasing the number of times a blood potion can be used, increasing the amount of money that can be recovered, changing the additional properties of weapons... But you can only trade these cells with merchants at the beginning of each city. The player has the opportunity to obtain "blueprints" for specific weapons and equipment during the process, and has the blueprints and finds a merchant in order to spend the cells to unlock new weapons or items. Once the player dies, the cells, weapons, equipment, and some of the money previously collected in the process will be recycled, and the player will start over from the original city with an empty body. Unlocked blueprint weapons and equipment can not stay on forever (recycled after death), but will randomly appear in the city.




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